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Monday here, overcast with rain. Lets look at more projects GCV Productions, no 1 video company Durban took on during the Covid pandemic. As the lockdown levels eased we produced less videos as staff were going back to work. Boxer Liquors were still operating under restrictions…only open from Monday till Thursday

Boxer Liquors operating hours during Lockdown level 3

Staff from Boxer Liquors would be incorporated into the superstores on the Friday and weekends. There was no retrenchments and no salary cuts during the restricted hours.

Another huge setback we experienced in KZN was the looting that scarred the province during the month of July. Boxer Superstores was severely hit in the KZN and Gauteng Province. Filming was done at the Berea store as well as West Street

Boxer Berea at the Berea Centre Durban

GCV Productions, no1 Video Company Durban and Boxer Superstores

Welcome to another edition of GCV Productions blog. We have a lot of catching up to do. In the last edition we discussed the videos that were created for Boxer Superstores during the Covid pandemic in South Africa

The first edition of the Corona video (Corona was the word used more in the beginning before changing to covid) went out on the 12th February 2021. After that we produced roughly 3 videos a week. Each video addressed staff on what the virus was about and what the company was doing to put safety measures in place.

Boxer news covered protecting staff and customers from the Covid Virus, collecting food parcels countrywide as well as working closely with PnP, Feed The Nation initiative.

Boxer Superstores Hunger Relief Programme donating to those in need across South Africa

And so the editions of the Covid videos began. We limited the travel due to the lockdown and received footage from a company in JHB called Two Old Dogs in JHB. Kobus and Paul from Two Old Dogs would film at Boxer stores in Gauteng and send us the footage to use in our videos.

Some of the safety posters for the Service Departments

As the lockdown levels eased so we ventured out more to cover stories for example the opening of the Boxer at Berea Centre, Durban.

Above is the link for the video at the opening of Boxer Berea Centre

Well that brings a close to another edition, thank you for reading and please get hold of us at or email:

GCV Productions update 2021 October. No 1 Video Company Durban

Hello all

Welcome to a very long awaited blog from GCV Productions. Firstly you all deserve an apology for being kept in suspense waiting for the next blog…we apologise for the long wait.

Lets get going on what has been happening since the last Blog entry. The last entry was October 2019, that was 1 month before the crazy outbreak of Covid19 Worldwide. Many industries have taken a lot of strain during the pandemic with strict lockdowns especially during Lockdown level 5 . GCV Productions, no 1 Durban Video Company has been in a very fortunate position to provide services for essential companies, this has kept the business stable during a very difficult time

Boxer Superstores and GCV Productions working very closely together during Covid19

GCV and Boxer worked from Lockdown level 5 together creating awareness videos during the Lockdown. Staff across the country were updated with news from their Marketing Director, Andrew Mills.

Videos were filmed, edited and uploaded to Whats App and Wetransfer for staff to view for the latest updates and news regarding the pandemic and how Boxer is protecting their staff and customers.

Video Company Durban and Kennedy Road Informal Settlement

Hi all, welcome to another blog from the no 1 video production company Durban. Today we talking about our next project which is a documentary in the Kennedy Road Informal Settlement. Government housing has been granted to residents, buildings are currently under development and the first key handover will be early 2020.

GCV Productions visited the settlement for a recce and a visit to a few of the councillors.

We will start filming on Wednesday 9th October 2019 with residents interviews and then move from there. We will also attend a community meeting the following week.

Below are a few photos from the recce visit.

Pre School at the Community Centre @ Kennedy Road
Kennedy Road Informal Settlement along N2 Durban
Kennedy Road Informal Settlement

Video Company Durban & Boxer Golf Day

Hi all, welcome to another blog from the no 1 Durban Video Production. GCV Productions had the priviledge of filming the Boxer Golf Day 2019 at Wild Coast Sun. The 4th September saw day of the 2 day Golf Day. Weather was stunning, tee off was 10:30 am. Fun was had by every player whether Boxer staff or suppliers. Well done to Kaleigh for arranging an incrdeible Golf Day. Please watch the Golf Day video for day we were able to edit and show at the venue

Day 2 was quite a challenge. Rain had moved in overnight and now the playing conditions were quite different. Play resumed at 10:30 am with a shotgun start on the course. Please watch the video below.

As you can see the conditions changed literally overnight.

Please contact Guy Crosbie for any video projects you may want to discuss.


Guy Crosbie

Video Production Durban and the Blackmagic Cinema 4K Camera

Hi guys, welcome to another blog from the no 1 Video Production Company Durban. In the previous blog I mentioned a very exciting project currently being filmed in KZN. I am happy to say its done and I am posting the video below.

GCV Productions and Pixel Craft Training filmed last week Wednesday at Durban Botanic Gardens. We wanted to try the new Blackmagic Cinema 4K Camera. We approached Caitlyn Grunewald, a young artist at Westville Girls High School. The concept is a small promotional video for Caitlyn. Location would be the lovely pond at Durban Botanic Gardens. A lovely location but close to a busy road so we knew the interview with Caitlyn would need to be done somewhere else.

We posted the behind the scene photos last week.


Nice sunny weather, awesome location, and good help meant we produced a lovely video. Please have a look below and tell us what you think.

GCV Productions and Pixel Craft Training working together with Caitlyn Grunewald

Video Production Durban in pre-production for new exciting project.

Hi guys, welcome to another blog from Video Production Durban. Today I am excited to announce an awesome project commencing soon in collaboration with Pixel Craft Training.

Together we will produce a short promo video using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. We are excited to see exactly what this camera is capable of doing. The location is Botanic Gardens, Durban at 12 pm. On set will be Manosh Seetherem and his assistant (PixelCraft Training) myself and Tristan Ambross (GCV Productions). The talent is Caitlyn Gronewald who is a young aspiring artist from Durban.

Below is a few photos taken from a preproduction location visit. We are looking at angle of sun, amount of people in the area and ambient noise. We are not closing the area off to the public so we need to visit with the public visiting the area during the shoot.

12 pm Winter in Durban means we have about 4 hours of good light but realistically we might only start filming at 1 pm. Pixelcraft will supply lighting but these are battery operated therefore we have 1 hour of actual filming time.

Location – Deck overlooking pond
Looking at the deck where the Talent will be positioned
Location – Low angle camera view on the deck.

Location Recce is extremely important to get a feel for the environment and look for anything that can be a challenge when filming. Ideally visit the location at same time of day of filming. Look at angle of sun, shadows. Listen to ambient noise such as traffic noise, even the wildlife in the area. Loud birds such as the notorious Hadeda can interrupt an interview (if recording audio)

Our talent will be painting a pond scene, seated next to the pond and painting. We will work towards a similar image with the below….

Our artist will paint a picture similar to the above. We need the bright colours to bring out the Blackmagics capabilities

So our location is ready, lets look at the camera gear.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera on the Zhiyun Crane 2 ready for production. Small and steady movements are required.
The Blackmagic Cinema Camera on a Zhiyun Crane 2.

So guys that’s a wrap for the pre production, we look forward to a very exciting day ahead and lets hope for a very awesome video to come. Watch out for the next blog and my youtube page to see the final video. And please visit for their amazing work done, photos and videos.

For information regarding video please contact Guy Crosbie @ GCV Productions, visit

video production company durban and In2Assets

GCV Productions‘, the no 1 video production company Durban has been working very closely with ‘In2Assets‘ creating property video walk throughs for homes and businesses in KZN. A video walkthrough allows the interested buyer to get a good feel for the property as though they are actually in the building. A friend of mine says that when looking for a property he first looks at the photos, if the photos appeal to him he will then view a video if there is one and then finally the next step is contacting the agent.

‘In2Assets’ video walk throughs are not long, roughly one minute in length with the property address at the beginning of the video and then auction details at the end. The main focus of the video is for the potential buyer to see size of property and condition. Quite often the properties are empty, and sometimes derelict. The owner would need to visualise what can be done with the property.

video production durban and In2Assets. Propert on West Street Durban CBD

View the video above, video walkthrough filmed a property in Durban Central Business District. Short opening title of the property, rough description included. End title includes the auction details.

For more information regarding any filming you want done please contact Guy Crosbie @ GCV Productions, cell: 0721281823. email:

Video Production Company Durban

Hi all, welcome to another video production company blog. Today lets talk about whats been going on for the last few weeks. Well its been a very busy 3 weeks. Jhb has been the venue for 2 video shoots for Mcdonalds and Boxer Superstores. Day 1 was a video shoot for a training video for McDonalds new app which will be released in South Africa soon. It was a very fun experience with Michele Oosthuizen, Willem Potgieter and Sanet Roodt at Brackenhurst McDonald’s South Africa. Filming started at 9 am and finished at 2 pm. Editing is still on the go and next step will be recording of the voice over with Michelle Driman.

The next day was a very early start with Boxer Superstore Housebrands shoot at different locations in JHB. It was a very busy 3 days but succesful filming with Boxer Superstores and Two Old Dogs.

Video Production Company Durban . Update

Hi everyone. Welcome to another video production company blog from GCV Productions. It has been a while from hearing from us. My apologies. Well lets not delay and lets get on with it. So the last few months we have been busy busy busy.

Two weeks ago I joined Tyrone Crossman Photography to film a company graduation conference ceremony for SASA (South African Sugar Association). We filmed a short graduation ceremony which included speeches, award presentation and entertainment. Two hours of footage was edited down to 7 minutes. I will upload the video to the Video Production Durban You Tube page.

SASA Graduation filmed in Mt Edgecombe KZN by Video Production Company Durban, GCV Productions

Thanks must go to Tyrone Crossman from Crossman Photography for the support.

Next week we will talk about other projects on the go.

GCV Productions, Durbans no 1 video production company