GCV Productions & the Boxer Super Shopper Show

GCV Productions recently went behind the scenes to capture the magic that goes into a Boxer Super Shopper TV promotional production.  Urban Brew TV Studios in Randburg was the location where all the glamour and glitz happened!

Two of the lucky finalists won a brand new Ford Figo and the 8 others  walked away with amazing household appliances ranging from fridges, to televisions and  washing machines.

GCV Productions was tasked with capturing the behind the scenes excitement for Boxer’s monthly Champ News Live Video for all Boxer staff countrywide to watch.  Filming commenced on the Wednesday with a pre production meeting at Urban Brew Studios, crew and contestants.  Auditors were present to make sure selection of contestants was done correctly.  Contestants were taken into the studio so that they were able to get a feel for the bright lights and the excitement they would experience the following day.

Thursday was an early start with arrival at the studio at 7 am.  Filming of the contestants arriving at the studio and crew setting up studio was in full swing.  Next was makeup and wardrobe for the contestants as well as the Show host Bongani NX.  Andrew Mills, Boxer Marketing Director, made sure a tight schedule was followed, it was very important shooting of the TV show had to commence at 10 am.

The TV show audience was briefed on what was expected of them while the contestants were taken through their final camera instructions.  10 am saw cameras going live…very exciting!  Fun was had by everyone involved and GCV Productions was fortunate enough to capture all the excitement and fun for the rest of Boxer to see.

Thank you to Andrew and his team for this great opportunity.

The filming of the game show was a great success, look out for the TV show on SABC and ETV.

Below is Game Show Host Bongani NX and the 10 lucky finalists!

Boxer Winners
Bongani NX and the lucky 10 contestants

Why a Training Video?

GCV Productions has been filming and editing training videos for McDonald’s SA for six years.  McDonald’s SA believe in the power of a local training video for their staff because of the following…

After every training session the trainers ask the trainees what did they find most informative about the training session, the answer is always the same…the training video.  Staff are able to grasp a training video much better than a typed manual and it is proven visual images are remembered much longer than words.  Videos made locally can better reflect procedures and practices rather than that from other countries.  Audiences relate better to videos that include their own colleagues and equipment they handle everyday.

Video brings the outside world to the training room.  Imagine teaching staff about life on an island, it would be very expensive to actually ship your staff out to an island, the next best approach would be to show them a video about life on an island…cheaper and safer.

Training videos can be viewed anytime and anywhere.  One can watch a section of the video again and again until the information presented is understood.  Put a subject professional in front of a camera and you have them when you want them over and over again.

Training video production can definitely add more interest and enjoyment to a training session.  And if you have a video team present you can put the trainees on camera, this is always fun and allows the trainee more involvement in the training session.


Please feel free to contact Guy Crosbie @ GCV Productions for more information regarding training video production

Guy Crosbie

cell:  0721281823.  email: guy@gcv.co.za

GCV Video Productions
GCV Video Productions


GCV Productions review


For years our firm has been training our new staff by hand.  We really felt that doing things hands-on was the way to go, and while we were a small company it really made sense.  But as we grew we noticed that it was not the most efficient way to get things done, so we decided to look at ways that we could streamline our training system.

After consulting with a number of colleagues in our market, we determined that creating training videos was the most efficient way to train our staff.  Not only would we ensure that everyone had the exact same amount of training, but it would free up our company leaders to focus on their departments without interruption.

Corporate video production durbanWe sent out requests to a number of video creation agencies, and after entertaining many offers, we decided to work with GCV Video Productions.  GCV specialized in training video production durban and we leveraged their expertise to create our training programs.  They worked closely with our HR department and training managers to come up with a training program that would ensure that all of our new hires entered our workforce at the same skill levels.

The completed training videos delivered to us were professional quality and more than exceeded our expectations.  We will be implementing these training videos with our next batch of hires in early May and we are excited to see the results.  Working with GCV Video Productions was one of the smartest decisions that we have made this year.


Creating Training Videos for New Staff