GCV Productions Update

What has the no 1 Video Company Durban been up to for the last few months?  Lets start by mentioning its been crazy with video productions happening all over the show.

We have been in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town for the last few months and its been an awesome ride.  Corporate shoots in Cape Town and training videos in JHB.

We have added new camera gear and sold some of the older cameras which is sad to see awesome cameras leave us but also refreshing to shoot on new gear.  GCV Productions, the best Video Company Durban must evolve and that means camera gear has to be replaced.

The new cameras are …

Sony NEX3 / 1 a full HD ENG camera…very good reviews so will see how it goes.  Run and gun cameras suit GCV Productions just fine.sony nx3

Lets show you what we sold.  Included is a Sony Z5 HDV camera, batteries and a cables.  A recording device was also added to the mix with 3 x 16GB recording cards…these are excellent for recording clear video and good clean audio.



The Sony Z5 HDV are great cameras and I was very sad to see it go but it has been bought by a friend to record weddings and corporates so not all lost thank goodness.

We also sold a Canon 550D DSLR camera, camera bag and 2 batteries.  DSLRs are great cameras to shoot creative videos or short films…gonna miss the camera.

So its new gear for GCV Productions which is very exciting.  We will keep you all updated as the year goes on and look out for our monthly blogs on whats happening in Durban.

Please send us any requests for video info on any subject you want to discuss.  Ask Guy Crosbie what it is you want to discuss


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Hi everyone, its been ages since a blog has been put out there by the best Video Company Durban.  My apologies for that, its been a busy few months.  Lets not waste any time and get on with it.  Lots of videos have been shot and a few photos have been taken.  New equipment bought and lots of gear has been sold.  Video is always adapting…HD being replaced by 4K although it still might take a while in South Africa.  4K TVs are pretty much standard dont you think?

Its been a subject I have been dealing with…is it time to go 4K camera?  Am I needing to future proof myself?  Does the best Video Company Durban need to get with the times and go 4K?  Well guys…this is my thought…

South Africa is not ready for 4K broadcast or upload, too much data to handle.  And I dont believe we will broadcast in 4K for the next 5 years to come.  so I see no point right now to shoot in 4K unless you want to downscale 4K footage to HD as well as future proof your footage.

I had to tackle this topic as I needed to buy a new camera and the topic of 4K was a major factor.  And what did I decide on….   Well this wasnt an overnight decision, it took 2 weeks to decide.

My first step was to see what was on offer…and cost.  SA 4K cameras for a decent camera workout out roughly R60000.  Thats quite a bit for any South African to spend on something that has no need for right now but “should in the future”  I do believe we are going 4K but how long will this process take…

So a good HD camera was the way to go but no doubt the next camera will be 4K even if the HD gets sold for 4K soon.

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