video production durban working with Zecks and Viceroy

Hello everyone.  As promised video production durban has a brand new video for you guys to look at, witness the great Zecks and Viceroy doing what they do best at Summerveld, KZN in South Africa


Have a look at the below link…

Zecks is an amazing man from Zimbabwe and has developed such a special bond with Viceroy, a beautiful horse owned by Liezel Mitchell.  Together they are perfection, watch their movements in perfect harmony together.

What a wonderful morning spent capturing their awesome relationship on video for the world to share.

We filmed on the Osmo DJI, no audio was required.  The song used is called Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg, a wonderful tribute to Nelson Mandela.  It took roughly 2 hours to film and we all had a lovely time putting together the video and editing to a lovely musical piece.

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video production durban update

Hello everyone, welcome to another video production durban blog.  It has been quite a while since we last chatted.  I am sure you wanting to know what has been going on.  I have been all over the country filming.  We continue to Cape Town next week to finish a documentary series and then its to JHB for more training videos.

Yesterday I did a lovely video with a very intelligent horse and trainer in Shongweni KZN.  I will post the video link as soon as the video is complete.  The video is a promotional video for Zecks and Viceroy was filmed on the DJI osmo at a place called Summerveld


Zecks and Viceroy are performing in Pietermaritzburg this weekend at a show at Golden Horse Casino.  The video will be used to show at the event.  GCV Productions is very proud to be associated with Zecks and Viceroy and we all hope both trainer, owner and horse have a fantastic weekend at the show.

I will conclude the blog tomorrow with the finished video and all the logos I am waiting for.


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Guy Crosbie