Videographer Durban – Monster Energy Ultra – behind the scenes

Hi guys, welcome to part 2 of the blog. Today I want to talk about equipment needed for a product video. At Videographer Durban we have the best equipment required for the shoot. We shoot on the Sony a6600 Mirrorless camera. Lights are Manda CN-600CSA LED light 126 – LED Video Light. One light is fixed onto a stand while the other is a smaller handheld light, what is called a sungun in the video industry

The tin is filmed on a 360 rotating display turntable which allows the tin a full 360 degrees.

The tin is sprayed down to create the look of being ice cold and forming condensation. The display turntable requires a usb connection to a powerbank while in use or AAA batteries. Please be careful when sparaying water on the tin to not damage the mechanics of the turntable.

360 Degree Round Rotating Automatic Display Stand

Black cloth is required for the background, preferably a matted black cloth. My girlfriend kindly bought the backdrop so a very big thank you to Maxine Jeannette Roberta MarĂ©. Please see below pics of my girlfriend….isn’t she beautiful!

It is very important you know exactly the shots you looking for. If you working on your own it can be tricky to make everything happen at the same time. Let me give you an example. The tin turns on the turntable, I like to spray the tin with water to get the effect of water droplets running down the tin. To get that look the water droplets need to be placed on the tin as soon as before filming can take place. In my video the lighting movement was very important too. The lights are moved by hand at the same time the water is sprayed on the tin. You can understand now that it can get very difficult to make everything happen at the same time.

Thats all for now guys…thank you for reading. Please all come back for part 3 where will discuss bringing all the elements together and the editing.

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Behind the ‘Monster Energy Ultra’ video shoot

What does it take to film a short product video

Hi friends, Welcome to another blog from the no 1 videographer durban. Today lets talk about the new video that was uploaded to You Tube yesterday for the Monster Energy Ultra video. This blog is coming to you from the best video company in Durban.

If you have not seen the video please click on the following link:

I do hope you all like it. The idea behind the video is to promote a brand with some cool creative video shots and royalty free music? It allowed me total freedom to do as I please with camera and lighting techniques. Camera technique includes movement as well as movement of lighting.

Monster Energy lighting techniques

I will add a few photos from the video shoot which was done at my home over the weekend.

pictures taken from the video shoot

The video is 25 seconds from beginning to the end. The advert promotes the Monster Energy Ultra flavor which is sugar free. It happens to be my favorite flavor for the sugar free range. The idea to film this advert came about due to the following: I have filmed and edited for the corporate clients for over 20 years now. Every single video has requests and guidelines from the client with reference to music, titles, camera shots / angles, video length and video formats.

A good videographer will work well with the client and understand exactly what the client wants. Meetings before the shoot commences can be called pre-production meetings. It is at this time the client lets the videographer know exactly what is required. To avoid wasting time and money it is important the client and videographer understand exactly what is required. It is therefore very important to have meetings beforehand.

The above video is a break from all of that. It can be said I am the client and the durban videographer I am deciding exactly what goes into the video and this comes from a thought, an idea. Very seldom can videographers do exactly what they feel like doing.

In part 2 we will continue with the blog.

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