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Welcome to another blog from the no 1 durban video production. In the last blog we spoke about microphones and the right mic for your production. Today lets talk about the interview, which microphone is best.

At GCV Productions we film many interviews. Interviews are a great way to get information regarding the subject being filmed. Interview audio can act as a voice over for your video. At GCV Productions we film the interview and then film the visuals required relating to the interview.

What is the best microphone for the interview? It depends on many factors… a lapel microphone can be placed on the subject, lapels are a great way to get good clean audio provided there is not too much movement. Make sure the mic is placed properly on the subject to get a clean feed. Lapel microphones can be hidden on the subject ie. taped to the chest under the shirt. It is very important clothing does not rub up against the mic. Monitor audio very closely when using a lapel mic especially when placed under clothing. When using microphones always make sure you monitor your audio using good quality headphones.

Can I use shotgun mic to record interview?

Yes, a shotgun mic can be used, make sure mic can be placed as close to the subject without being in the shot. Point the mic straight at the subject, shotgun microphones are very directional. Keep the room noise levels down, shotgun microphones will pick up noise in the room. Ideally a shotgun mic is to be used in a quiet area and there is very little noise interference to the subject.

How to record interview if ambient noise is loud?

Lets give an example…you are asked to interview a sportsman at a stadium during a live sports event. There is a lot of noise and the cheering from the crowd is very loud! The best microphone for this example is to use a mic similar to part 2, a cardoid pick up pattern. This pattern allows ambient noise to be low while subjects voice is clear.

Patrick Lambie being interviewed by Supersport using a handheld microphone.

The above handheld microphone will pick up very little ambient noise from the stadium. The mic must be kept close to the subjects mouth. A lapel mic will not be ideal for this situation.

Lapel microphone

Above is a lapel microphone. These are great to free up the hands and keeps the mic at a constant good distance from the mouth. At GCV Productions we love the lapel microphone…we always get great quality sound from the lapel microphone. The lapel mic must be monitored as you will not know if the batteries have died because the battery pack clips onto the subject. ALWAYS MONITOR THE AUDIO FROM A LAPEL MICROPHONE

That’s it from GCV Productions, the no 1 Durban Video Company

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