video production durban working with Zecks and Viceroy

Hello everyone.  As promised video production durban has a brand new video for you guys to look at, witness the great Zecks and Viceroy doing what they do best at Summerveld, KZN in South Africa


Have a look at the below link…

Zecks is an amazing man from Zimbabwe and has developed such a special bond with Viceroy, a beautiful horse owned by Liezel Mitchell.  Together they are perfection, watch their movements in perfect harmony together.

What a wonderful morning spent capturing their awesome relationship on video for the world to share.

We filmed on the Osmo DJI, no audio was required.  The song used is called Asimbonanga by Johnny Clegg, a wonderful tribute to Nelson Mandela.  It took roughly 2 hours to film and we all had a lovely time putting together the video and editing to a lovely musical piece.

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video production durban update

Hello everyone, welcome to another video production durban blog.  It has been quite a while since we last chatted.  I am sure you wanting to know what has been going on.  I have been all over the country filming.  We continue to Cape Town next week to finish a documentary series and then its to JHB for more training videos.

Yesterday I did a lovely video with a very intelligent horse and trainer in Shongweni KZN.  I will post the video link as soon as the video is complete.  The video is a promotional video for Zecks and Viceroy was filmed on the DJI osmo at a place called Summerveld


Zecks and Viceroy are performing in Pietermaritzburg this weekend at a show at Golden Horse Casino.  The video will be used to show at the event.  GCV Productions is very proud to be associated with Zecks and Viceroy and we all hope both trainer, owner and horse have a fantastic weekend at the show.

I will conclude the blog tomorrow with the finished video and all the logos I am waiting for.


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video production durban – video presentation

Hi guys, welcome to video production durban no 1 blogger.  Whats news today…lets have a look at a recent video we shot.

Let me give you the lowdown on how this video came together.  It was shot in a small studio with a mixture of studio still lights and video LED light.  Background was composed of framed pictures on Easels.  We shot on a Canon 550D, sound was recorded using a Sony lapel mic plugged into an Zoom H5.

The camera was locked off for the entire shoot and all that was done was to hit record on the camera as well as the audio recorder.  The shoot lasted roughly 90 minutes with takes being repeated sometimes just for safety.   Cutaways in the edited version were jpegs that were imported from still images supplied by Matthew Willman.

So yes pretty much a straight forward video shoot using video basics to get the final product.  Below is a link to the video on youtube….



So the above video is very basic.  Make sure your settings are correct from the beginning and go ahead and shoot.

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Guy Crosbie

Video Production Durban – filming properties

Hi all, welcome to another blog from no 1 video production Durban, today lets talk about property videos.

GCV Productions films property videos on a DJI Osmo camera, its a walk through video of the property for sale.  The DJI Osmo can film as well as take photos.  Below is a video sample of a property we filmed recently in KZN.

please watch the above video to give you a good idea how a property video is filmed.

The property takes roughly 30 minutes to film.  Photos and video are taken at the same time from the exterior working our way through the property to the bedroom.

Make sure you have fully charged batteries and a SD card.  Complete videos should be roughly 2 minutes.  Have 30 usable photos by the time you done.  Photograph wide angle shots of the rooms.  Switch on lights and put down toilet seats.

There is no need to clean rooms or pick stuff up, its not for you to neaten a property.  You are there to film and photograph.

Communicate with the estate agent.  There will be dos and donts you need to know.

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video production durban – Midlands Medical Centre

Hi guys, welcome to another blog from video production Durban.  Today I’d like to show you a video GCV Productions recently completed for the Midlands Medical Centre in PMB.   MMC will use the video to celebrate their 30th Birthday celebration.

The video was filmed in one day at the MMC premises.  I worked closely with Kavith who is their Public Relations guy. Kavith was such an awesome help with the whole production.  Interviews were filmed first so that we could tick the names off the list.  And then we shot the cutaways that relate to the interviews.  The script was formulated after the interviews were done so that information in the voice over wasnt repeated in the interviews.

Editing took roughly 4 days to complete.  Drafts were sent to MMC so that we could both work towards a final master.

Michelle Driman added the voice over, professional as ever.

Below is a video link to the video that is on You Tube.  The video is 8 minutes long and focuses on what is MMC all about and their history development.


If you would like any more information regarding a video made for your company please contact me


Guy Crosbie



Video Production Durban – Present to Camera

Hi guys, welcome to another blog for video production durban, todays we talk about a video presentation.  We shot this video two weeks ago.  It is of a person introducing themselves on camera and giving a very brief description of their service.  The message is short and sweet.

Production.  The video was shot in a small studio with an infinity background.  The picture frames relate to the presenters work, they on easels behind the subject.  The video is filmed on a Canon 550D.  Two lights are used.  One light is key light and the other light is on the pictures behind.   The subject is wearing a lapel mic.   Images of the subjects work have been inserted during the course of the video.

This presentation to camera works well when the subject is confident and happy to talk straight to camera.   I avoid this approach if the subject is doing it for the first time.   Its not easy to pull so well done to Matthew Willman.

Have a look at the link below:

video production durban – how important is voice over

Hi guys, welcome to another blog from the no1 video production durban.   So…lets talk voice over.  How does voice over affect your video production?   why not record your own voice and place in a video.  There are a number of reasons why your voice might not be the best move

  1.  You are not a voice artist and will not sound like one if you use your voice.
  2.   Voice carries the video and its important the voice used is the best quality and the right voice for the video.
  3. There are trained artists out there that have an exceptional voice that adds quality to a video production.

Never let a video play too long, attention span doesnt last much longer than 4 – 5 minutes.

To keep attention you need the right shots and the right sound.   Certain voice styles suit certain videos.  cartoons wont sound right with Sir David Attenbrough and vice versa.  There are certain videos that require a male voice over and some require female.


This link takes you to the artist I use:


Right voice or not, I welcome honesty.  I will send a blog about editing a voice and how it works to use a voice.  Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you can learn from it


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Video Production Durban – TeamCare Advert

Hi all, welcome to another video production durban blog.  Thank you for reading this. Today I’m proud to show off the very exciting tv advert GCV Productions produced a month ago.  I am not actually sure what tv station the advert is playing on.

Below is the link:


The client is Teamcare, we had great fun putting it together for Roseanne and the team at Teamcare.

The advert is filmed on a Panasonic GH5 and a Zhiyun Crane 2 :

The advert was shot in one day from 9 am to 5pm.  Manosh at Pixelcraft Training, was cameraman and editor so well done Manosh.  A great video was produced  and I hope Teamcare and their wonderful staff go from strength to strength.  Editing took roughly 4 days to put together.

The advert is 45 seconds long, voice over is done by Michelle Driman, please feel free to contact GCV Productions for voice over advice.  Michelle Driman is a true professional and adds quality to any video production with her awesome voice talent.  Editing was done at Pixel Craft Training School in Overport KZN.  A radio advert has also been produced using Michelle Driman’s voice for a length of 30 seconds.


For more information regarding a video please call Guy Crosbie@ GCV Productions


video production durban – the interview

Video Production Durban welcomes you to another blog.  Lets talk about “lighting for the interview”.  So why is a light needed?   Either a light is used so that the viewer can see the interviewee or light can be used to create effect.

Documentary style video does’nt always require lighting, lots of interviewers are done with the natural ambient light.   But if the light is too low and cause a grainy visual then we suggest putting up a light.

Todays lights are usually LED, easier to use and more versatile.  Power cables are a thing of the past and the light can have different kelvin readings…ie it can match tungsten or daylight.

Lets look at a picture of the old school redhead and an LED

The LED is an awesome light and very robust.  I have had an LED for 6 years and it still works great.  I run power but you can use battery instead to avoid the problem of cables on set .

Lighting with LED also means less heat, less sweat and the interviewee does’nt feel put on the spot .  Remember, your interviewee must be relaxed for the best answers

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video production durban, the interview part 2

Video Production Durban discussed in part 1 the correct interview setup on camera.   Now lets talk about the microphone and lighting.   What is the ideal microphone to use?  We at GCV Productions love the lapel mic, and specifically the Sony UWPV1  is an excellent microphone.  I bought the microphone from B&H in New York 2010, 18 years later and that mic is the best damn thing Ive ever bought.  Excellent sound quality!

Sony lapel radio mic is great, good range, tough and small mic head for inconspicuous lapel placement.  It is our only choice of lapel and has never let me down.

The mic is placed on the lapel, either hidden or revealed.  That is a choice you need to make.  Personally I dont see the need to hide the mic as it is very small to begin with.

The range of the lapel is usually very good.  We have filmed from 20 – 30 meters away often with clear radio range and good quality sound.  What is between the transmitter and receiver is very important, do a sound check to make sure you getting good quality sound.

That’s all for part 2, please look out for part 3 Interview filming in our next blog.

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