Durban video production – Matching video cameras

Hi guys, welcome to another great Durban video production blog.  Lets talk about matching camera settings for filming a project.  What goes into picture settings?  Often video projects will require more than 1 camera to cover the event.  What you want is cameras all recording a similar image in screen size, colour and attributes.

  1.  video format.   You want all cameras to be filling the same amount of screen, in other words make sure all setting match eg HD or 4K.  Set your cameras to HD 1o80i or 1080p.  Interlace vs Progressive.
  2. White balance. Make sure your colour temperature is matching. Check white balance settings which is…outdoor, indoor, tungsten, shade etc…
  3. ISO   if possible film with a low ISO and avoid automatic settings.
  4. Match shutter speed as much as possible
  5. ND filter. Check ND filters are matching.

What settings above can be adjusted in the edit?

  1. An HD size video can fill a 4K screen but there will be quality loss.  An untrained eye will most probably not see the difference between 720 and 1080 HD
  2. White Balance can be adjusted in Colour Balance effect.  Reds or Blues can be added to a video image.  But please be careful that the extremes are not too much.
  3. ISO cannot be fixed in the edit. Grain in your visual is not going anywhere.  Please check ISO settings befor efilming.


the cameras below all have different looking visuals.  The cameras can blend in to look very similar if a bit of work is done in the edit.  The DJI has a flat sharp image, same as drone looking.  Very clear.  No focus issues.


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