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Another exciting blog from video production durban.  Whats been happening this week guys?  Well we are on a exciting shoot for a medical establishment in PMB. look forward to showing you the final product soon.

the shoot has led me to a question….Interviews, straight to camera or just off?  Both approaches has its positives and negatives.  Personally I like subject looking just off camera.  For me it relaxes the subject, makes it a discussion rather than a presentation to camera.  You always want the subject to relax in front of camera and be comfortable.  Nerves show on screen and through the voice.

We place our subjects looking just off camera, screen right or screen left.  Make sure eye line is level and that the subject does not look at the camera or operator.  I can promise you it is not easy at all.

Sometimes the most relaxed and best answers happen only after a few takes so make sure you have enough battery and tape ( memory card space)

Remember we looking for genuine from the heart answers so we need the atmosphere to be relaxed and the subject as ease.  Even turn off the red tally record light if it helps.

Join us for part 2 later

video production durban, whats news

video production Durban, hi guys.  Its been ages, how are you all?  Bet you all wondering what we been up to.  It’s been a great few weeks guys, lots of good videos to report back on.  I will send a few links for you guys to look at what we been working on.

Two weeks ago I was down at the Wild Coast filming the Boxer Golf Day Video.  How does it work you may ask?  Have a look at the links below for an example of what we do.  Here is a you tube link :

The above you tube link is for day one.

The event was so busy they had to have 2 days

Day 2 is:


Fun hey?  The cameras used are the Sony NX 3 and the Osmo.  The interviews are done on the Sony NX 3 with the on board mic.   Editing happens throughout the day and the finals videos are ready to be shown 1 hour before prize giving.  Thanks to Wade from DUT for his awesome video edit skills.

Enjoy watching the videos.  Please look out for the videos I load on You Tube weekly.  Leave comments and share, thank you.


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video production durban golf day

video production durban started a blog last week about filming a golf day.  Lets conclude the blog by wrapping up the fundamentals of filming a golf day.

Quick editing means the client receives the video ready for presentation at prize giving.  This is always a fun way to show the video and create laughter and excitement.  Editing is straightforward .  Look for the fun on the course and the action, throw in a couple of interviews and you have yourself a fun video.  Dont get in the golfers way when filming and dont take up their time away from the game.

Everything is happening for fun, stick to the plan, dont deviate.

Have fun




video production durban – whats news

video production durban has had a great few weeks and now we are filming a golf day next week.  What goes into a golf day?  You should have a 2 man crew, one person films while the other edits.  The best approach is to try get yourself around the golf course as quickly as possible so that you cover all the action.  Action is the golf, activities, player interactions and competitions.  Video needs to capture atmosphere, and quite often there is so much more going on at a golf day than just golf.

Speak to the coordinator, find out what time the golf starts.  A shotgun start means everyone tees off at a certain time on a certain hole compared to people teeing off at hole no 1 or 10.  How many players in a group?  Are the golfers walking or using carts?

Get footage of the golf course before the game starts.  In South Africa we often have wildlife roaming the course which is always nice to see.  Sprinklers with the sun low can look amazing and a view of the untouched golf course can look fabulous.

Please join us for part 2 to learn more about filming a golf day.

video production durban – the cutaway

video production durban relies on the cutaway so much its vital to be included in a video.  What is a cutaway?  A cutaway is a video clip that is inserted into a interview replacing the visual but still keeping the interview audio.  Example…a policeman is interviewed regarding a car accident.  During his interview visuals of the accident are shown, these are often a quick succession of visuals.

Reasons for cutaway.  Cutaways are used to add substance to an interview.  Sometimes a talking head can get a little boring for the viewer.  The cutaway livens up the video.  Cutaways must always relate to what is being said in the interview.  Cutaways can also be used to cover a certain part of the interview you wish to remove ie the interviewee rubbing his nose.  Audio can be edited during the cutaway such as a “ummm” taken out.

Cutaways are very important for any interview and must be filmed before or after the interview.  Short video clips that relate to the interview.  No audio required…most of the time.  But always make people talk to each other naturally otherwise it looks fake.

The cutaway will save your interview.  Its very important you consider the cutaway for your interviews.  In the next blog we will show examples of the cutaway.

See you then.


video production durban – todays shoot part 2

video production durban yesterday spoke about the interview and getting smooth transitions from 1 shot to the next.  We had a transition that went from a wide shot to a close up.  Feedback was the transition was too abrupt.  So…how does one go about fixing it.  Lets look at the options.  1.  Reshoot the whole interview.  2. Reshoot part of the interview or 3. Cutaway.

If you chose option 1 you in for lots of work.  Its not easy for the person in front of camera to do the whole interview again without a mistake.  Option 2 is workable but make sure the original reasons for the bad transition dont come back again.  The part has to be presented perfectly and everything in the shot must remain the same.  For example we had small amount of light coming through the window.  Time of day means different amounts of light.  We dont want from very bright to no sun at all.  Props on the set change or the camera position changes.  These are all obstacles to getting a great interview.  Yesterday we decided to go with option 3.  Welcome to the cutaway.

Read part 3 to learn more about the cutaway.


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video production durban – today’s video

video production durban was involved in a short video interview today.  A client was given two minutes to present why he should be the next recipient for an award.  So the requirements were…video must be 2 minutes or less.  The award recipient must appear on camera.  So we set up a small studio look in the training room.  One Sony NX3 on tripod, sony lapel mic and an LED on a stand.

Rehearsals were done and then we went live.  We did a couple of takes.  A few suggestions I made is:

Remember to smile, its not easy because we don’t always naturally smile all the time so its easy to forget.  Keep calm and relax.  Speak with a normal tone and keep your eyes on the camera.  He did suggest an auto cue but there is no budget.  He easily pulled it off without an auto cue.

We did make attempts to break the presentation into sections but proved difficult to pull off.  The transitions looked jarring.  Jarring is not good and not comfortable on the eye.  Read part two to find out how we fixed the transition.

For any filming or editing please call Guy Crosbie for your video needs.

Video production Durban – advert done

Video production Durban is happy to announce the ad is done.  We have wrapped thank goodness and all is good.  I will upload the video once the client goes live on TV.  And the client wants another project done so that’s great news.

So the ad is 45 seconds long in “MOV” format, we have more than 1 version depending on what the broadcaster wants.

My very next blog will definitely include the advert as well as photos.  I hope you look forward to it as much as i do.

Call GCV Video productions for any video requirements you may have.  Guy Crosbie and his team will deliver anything you may need, from filming and editing to script writing.


video production durban – edit part 2

video production durban is wrapping final advert sequence as mentioned in the blog before.  Its very important to check the broadcast requirements.

What has become of PAL and NTSC when using MP3 or MOV?  Its a good question.  Please send me a message as to what is happening with the two video formats.   I know videos shot on my Sony NX3 camera are still PAL but I am sure these can be converted to NTSC if need be.

I am not an aurthority on the subject so would love feedback on the subject.

So the edit is done and all broadcast requirements have been checked so now its a case of handing final video over to the client.  Thanks for reading and staying in touch

Send us any requests for subjects you may want info on.

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video production durban edit project final

video production durban is wrapping up the advert for tv we have been working on for the last 3 weeks.  It is looking great but I cannot show it just yet until the client has it broadcast on tv.

I feel it was smooth sailing.  We had a good idea of what we wanted going into the production.  That makes it much easier to get the shots you need.  Have them written down on paper available to read at the shoot as well as visual images .

Editing is all about timing of the visuals to the voice over.  The advert went from 30 seconds to 45 seconds but most of this extra time was made up of titles at the end of the video.

Please check with the broadcast company that you are delivering a final advert programme that matches the broadcast requirements.  SD, HD, MPEG, MOV, PAL, NTSC are all different broadcast requirements.  Some of these are no longer required with new technology

Update coming soon.


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