GCV video company Durban update 2

Hi guys, welcome to another blog from video company Durban.  In the last blog we updated you as to what GCV Productions has been up to.  We have been busy in JHB filming videos as well as Durban.  The next couple of blogs we will update you guys.

Video number 2 was a short video representing finance department wanting to display their upgrade software that makes working with finances and suppliers more efficient and productive.  A video had been created using animation but this video belonged to another company.  We were to use same video but swap out the animation with actual footage of the staff.  Footage was filmed at the business Head Office in Sandton.

No challenges were faced except to get all the staff together at the same time to film.  The final video was then edited together and a voice over was included to swap out the


existing voice and to include a locally recorded voice over that will include the business name change.

Time was tight to get the video but worked in our favour was the structure of the video was in place because we were copying an existing video and therefore fairly simple to edit.

McDonald’s Head Office at 85 Grayston Street Sandton




Above is the location from where we filmed the video.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video.  Please leave any comments you may have and please contact us should you require any filming or editing.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have

Guy Crosbie

GCV Productions

GCV Productions video production durban

Video Company Durban – Update

Hi everyone, welcome to another blog. What has Durban’s best video company Durban been up to.  It has been a busy 3 months with quite a few videos being produced.  I will list the links below.  GCV was in JHB producing videos for McDonald’s.   Some videos are still being produced so should hopefully be done soon.

video 1:  A team of 4 at Boxer requested their project be made into a video.  McDonald’s is looking at petrol free delivery vehicles.  Have a look at the video link for what we were able to come up with.   Below are pics taken from the video shoot at  Kyalami McDonald’s in Gauteng.   The delivery vehicle is a trike, runs on battery, no fuel, no exhaust fumes and very very quiet on the road.

Filming took a few hours with pics on a canon 60D, action movement filmed on the DJI osmo and a sony nx3 for the customer interview.

Have a look at the video below :

We hope you enjoyed the video above.  The video went on to win best presentation.  Well done Anesa and her team.








Thanks for reading my blog.  We will keep you updated to all our news in KZN

The vehicle you will be seeing on the roads soon delivery your ymmy Mcdonalds order.



Pictures by Guy Crosbie

Below is a few of my favourite photographs I have taken over the years. There is no specific subject and the photos are taken for amusement only. My cats feel like celebrities because there is always a lens in their face.

alex 123
Alex, one of my two cats
TJ…the other cat
Alex & TJ
TJ and Alex as kittens 6 years ago.


Alex & TJ789
Alex and TJ all grown up
Cycad Garden @ Botanical Gardens, Berea Durban


crew mcd
The awesome crew I get to work with when filming at McDonald’s SA


More of the awesome McDonald’s crew
Burger clams photographed while on a video shoot at McDonald’s SA
The awesome glass planters my friend sells at The Farmers Market Shongweni KwaZulu Natal. Please visit her stand – Ginger Lily
Water Lilies @ Durban Botanical Gardens
Andrew Mills, Marketing Director Boxer and the winners of Win a Wedding sponsored by Boxer and Unilever
Me at the age of 5 or 6 on holiday in Cape Town
Michelle and I on an awesome holiday in Vegas baby! 2010
Me and my video camera.



One of the very cheerful riders for McDonald’s Delivery Service.
cody edit
Cody Codes, a real ladies cat…wouldn’t stop talking. RIP
Timone visiting from next door.
Paris Las Vegas Hotel 2010