Behind the ‘Monster Energy Ultra’ video shoot

What does it take to film a short product video

Hi friends, Welcome to another blog from the no 1 videographer durban. Today lets talk about the new video that was uploaded to You Tube yesterday for the Monster Energy Ultra video. This blog is coming to you from the best video company in Durban.

If you have not seen the video please click on the following link:

I do hope you all like it. The idea behind the video is to promote a brand with some cool creative video shots and royalty free music? It allowed me total freedom to do as I please with camera and lighting techniques. Camera technique includes movement as well as movement of lighting.

Monster Energy lighting techniques

I will add a few photos from the video shoot which was done at my home over the weekend.

pictures taken from the video shoot

The video is 25 seconds from beginning to the end. The advert promotes the Monster Energy Ultra flavor which is sugar free. It happens to be my favorite flavor for the sugar free range. The idea to film this advert came about due to the following: I have filmed and edited for the corporate clients for over 20 years now. Every single video has requests and guidelines from the client with reference to music, titles, camera shots / angles, video length and video formats.

A good videographer will work well with the client and understand exactly what the client wants. Meetings before the shoot commences can be called pre-production meetings. It is at this time the client lets the videographer know exactly what is required. To avoid wasting time and money it is important the client and videographer understand exactly what is required. It is therefore very important to have meetings beforehand.

The above video is a break from all of that. It can be said I am the client and the durban videographer I am deciding exactly what goes into the video and this comes from a thought, an idea. Very seldom can videographers do exactly what they feel like doing.

In part 2 we will continue with the blog.

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Camera & Sound part 3 – video company durban

Welcome to another blog from the no 1 durban video production. In the last blog we spoke about microphones and the right mic for your production. Today lets talk about the interview, which microphone is best.

At GCV Productions we film many interviews. Interviews are a great way to get information regarding the subject being filmed. Interview audio can act as a voice over for your video. At GCV Productions we film the interview and then film the visuals required relating to the interview.

What is the best microphone for the interview? It depends on many factors… a lapel microphone can be placed on the subject, lapels are a great way to get good clean audio provided there is not too much movement. Make sure the mic is placed properly on the subject to get a clean feed. Lapel microphones can be hidden on the subject ie. taped to the chest under the shirt. It is very important clothing does not rub up against the mic. Monitor audio very closely when using a lapel mic especially when placed under clothing. When using microphones always make sure you monitor your audio using good quality headphones.

Can I use shotgun mic to record interview?

Yes, a shotgun mic can be used, make sure mic can be placed as close to the subject without being in the shot. Point the mic straight at the subject, shotgun microphones are very directional. Keep the room noise levels down, shotgun microphones will pick up noise in the room. Ideally a shotgun mic is to be used in a quiet area and there is very little noise interference to the subject.

How to record interview if ambient noise is loud?

Lets give an example…you are asked to interview a sportsman at a stadium during a live sports event. There is a lot of noise and the cheering from the crowd is very loud! The best microphone for this example is to use a mic similar to part 2, a cardoid pick up pattern. This pattern allows ambient noise to be low while subjects voice is clear.

Patrick Lambie being interviewed by Supersport using a handheld microphone.

The above handheld microphone will pick up very little ambient noise from the stadium. The mic must be kept close to the subjects mouth. A lapel mic will not be ideal for this situation.

Lapel microphone

Above is a lapel microphone. These are great to free up the hands and keeps the mic at a constant good distance from the mouth. At GCV Productions we love the lapel microphone…we always get great quality sound from the lapel microphone. The lapel mic must be monitored as you will not know if the batteries have died because the battery pack clips onto the subject. ALWAYS MONITOR THE AUDIO FROM A LAPEL MICROPHONE

That’s it from GCV Productions, the no 1 Durban Video Company

Camera & Sound

Hi guys. Welcome to another blog from the best Durban Video Company. Today lets talk about how important good camerawork and sound is to quality videos. You want the viewer to be glued to your videos. In order to keep your viewer entertained make sure you start the process with good quality visuals and sound. Sound is a very challenging medium to work with. Quite often mistakes are made when recording audio in videos / films.

Let us look at the fundamental rules we need to follow when aiming to record good audio.

  1. Make sure you are using the right microphone for the job. How do you know which mic is right….we will discuss that here. Either a mic is seen or not seen, in other words your production requires the mic to be out of sight or it doesn’t. A mic out of sight might be a boom mic or a hidden lapel mic. A boom mic is often used on film sets operated by a boom operator and is often just out of sight of the camera view.
Boom operator on a film set

A lapel microphone can be used but limited to one person and a narrow pick up field. Pick up field is the area around the mic that can be picked up by the mic. The pick up area is very important to what sound sources are being recorded. A boom mic has a large ‘pick up field’ which can include a few actors in a room.

2. For good sound recording it is important to get rid of any surround noise. Surround noise can be traffic, wind, ambient sounds and alarms / telephones. Even fluorescent lights give off a hum and can be heard on some microphones. At GCV Productions we are often in retail stores and can hear drinks fridges in our recordings. Please have a look at the following clip and lets discuss why the handheld mic is chosen.

Lee from Boxer is using a Shure SM58 microphone, the reason for this choice of mic is to eliminate the background noise that happens in a retail store. The Shure SM58 does a great job eliminating surround noise that are not needed for this type of video. Lee could possibly get away with wearing a lapel microphone but we would need to be very careful of the other sounds nearby. Lets have a look at the pick up field for this particular microphone

Shure SM58 cardiod pickup pattern

Above is the pickup pattern for the Shure SM58. Any sound outside of that pattern will not be recorded unless it is very loud. GCV Productions uses the Shure SM58 for the best audio quality in our video productions.

Thank you for reading our blog. Please look out for Part 3 coming soon.

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Video Company Durban

Hi guys

Monday here, overcast with rain. Lets look at more projects GCV Productions, no 1 video company Durban took on during the Covid pandemic. As the lockdown levels eased we produced less videos as staff were going back to work. Boxer Liquors were still operating under restrictions…only open from Monday till Thursday

Boxer Liquors operating hours during Lockdown level 3

Staff from Boxer Liquors would be incorporated into the superstores on the Friday and weekends. There was no retrenchments and no salary cuts during the restricted hours.

Another huge setback we experienced in KZN was the looting that scarred the province during the month of July. Boxer Superstores was severely hit in the KZN and Gauteng Province. Filming was done at the Berea store as well as West Street

Boxer Berea at the Berea Centre Durban

video production company durban and In2Assets

GCV Productions‘, the no 1 video production company Durban has been working very closely with ‘In2Assets‘ creating property video walk throughs for homes and businesses in KZN. A video walkthrough allows the interested buyer to get a good feel for the property as though they are actually in the building. A friend of mine says that when looking for a property he first looks at the photos, if the photos appeal to him he will then view a video if there is one and then finally the next step is contacting the agent.

‘In2Assets’ video walk throughs are not long, roughly one minute in length with the property address at the beginning of the video and then auction details at the end. The main focus of the video is for the potential buyer to see size of property and condition. Quite often the properties are empty, and sometimes derelict. The owner would need to visualise what can be done with the property.

video production durban and In2Assets. Propert on West Street Durban CBD

View the video above, video walkthrough filmed a property in Durban Central Business District. Short opening title of the property, rough description included. End title includes the auction details.

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