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Hi guys, welcome to another blog from video production company Durban. Today lets talk about how video is used as a marvellous training tool. I should know because 50% of my work is training videos.  So lets look at …why

  1.  Video is visual.  Personally I would much rather watch a video than read a manual.  Manuals have language limits as well as some learners might not be able to read.
  2. Look at the popularity of You Tube today.  As much as there is entertainment there are many many videos training or instructional.      

4.  The limitations of video 10 years ago was the size of a video file and the difficulty to use online.  Nowdays with Fibre 1 or 2 GB video files can be sent in minutes.

5.  videos can be enhanced with music or voice to reinforce what is being taught.

All companies today need to look at the advantage of video.

Some statistics from You Tube…

Learning is important for human growth and development, and training is certainly an integral part of workplace learning. But a constant challenge for workplace learning professionals is creating training programs that captivate the learner audience and cause learners to sit up, take notice and, well, learn.

Effective use of video in training can be an extremely powerful. The “Pictorial Superiority Effect”* indicates that using pictures and words together promotes greater information recall. Specifically, after 3 days, we tend to remember 10% of the information we saw in word format whereas we tend to remember 65% of the information we saw in both picture and word formats.


Video Makes Concept Visualization Easier

Videos can transport the learner to places where he or she could not physically travel, or travel in a reasonable timeframe. Need the learner to travel around the globe, to a distant part of the universe, back in time, or to the ocean depths? Use video as the transportation vehicle.

When you are asking the learner “travel someplace else in their mind” and to visualize a concept, but you only describe that concept in words, it may be difficult for some learners to make the required intuitive leap. For example:

    • If you want a learner to understand, you could describe the process in words: “Stellar black holes form when the center of a very massive star collapses in upon itself. This collapse also causes a supernova, or an exploding star, that blasts part of the star into space.”
    • Or, you could show a video of the process:

So many advantages

Thank you for reading


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