video production durban – the cutaway

video production durban relies on the cutaway so much its vital to be included in a video.  What is a cutaway?  A cutaway is a video clip that is inserted into a interview replacing the visual but still keeping the interview audio.  Example…a policeman is interviewed regarding a car accident.  During his interview visuals of the accident are shown, these are often a quick succession of visuals.

Reasons for cutaway.  Cutaways are used to add substance to an interview.  Sometimes a talking head can get a little boring for the viewer.  The cutaway livens up the video.  Cutaways must always relate to what is being said in the interview.  Cutaways can also be used to cover a certain part of the interview you wish to remove ie the interviewee rubbing his nose.  Audio can be edited during the cutaway such as a “ummm” taken out.

Cutaways are very important for any interview and must be filmed before or after the interview.  Short video clips that relate to the interview.  No audio required…most of the time.  But always make people talk to each other naturally otherwise it looks fake.

The cutaway will save your interview.  Its very important you consider the cutaway for your interviews.  In the next blog we will show examples of the cutaway.

See you then.


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