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video production durban has had a great few weeks and now we are filming a golf day next week.  What goes into a golf day?  You should have a 2 man crew, one person films while the other edits.  The best approach is to try get yourself around the golf course as quickly as possible so that you cover all the action.  Action is the golf, activities, player interactions and competitions.  Video needs to capture atmosphere, and quite often there is so much more going on at a golf day than just golf.

Speak to the coordinator, find out what time the golf starts.  A shotgun start means everyone tees off at a certain time on a certain hole compared to people teeing off at hole no 1 or 10.  How many players in a group?  Are the golfers walking or using carts?

Get footage of the golf course before the game starts.  In South Africa we often have wildlife roaming the course which is always nice to see.  Sprinklers with the sun low can look amazing and a view of the untouched golf course can look fabulous.

Please join us for part 2 to learn more about filming a golf day.

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