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Hi guys, welcome to another blog from video production Durban.  Today I’d like to show you a video GCV Productions recently completed for the Midlands Medical Centre in PMB.   MMC will use the video to celebrate their 30th Birthday celebration.

The video was filmed in one day at the MMC premises.  I worked closely with Kavith who is their Public Relations guy. Kavith was such an awesome help with the whole production.  Interviews were filmed first so that we could tick the names off the list.  And then we shot the cutaways that relate to the interviews.  The script was formulated after the interviews were done so that information in the voice over wasnt repeated in the interviews.

Editing took roughly 4 days to complete.  Drafts were sent to MMC so that we could both work towards a final master.

Michelle Driman added the voice over, professional as ever.

Below is a video link to the video that is on You Tube.  The video is 8 minutes long and focuses on what is MMC all about and their history development.


If you would like any more information regarding a video made for your company please contact me


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