Video Production Durban – Present to Camera

Hi guys, welcome to another blog for video production durban, todays we talk about a video presentation.  We shot this video two weeks ago.  It is of a person introducing themselves on camera and giving a very brief description of their service.  The message is short and sweet.

Production.  The video was shot in a small studio with an infinity background.  The picture frames relate to the presenters work, they on easels behind the subject.  The video is filmed on a Canon 550D.  Two lights are used.  One light is key light and the other light is on the pictures behind.   The subject is wearing a lapel mic.   Images of the subjects work have been inserted during the course of the video.

This presentation to camera works well when the subject is confident and happy to talk straight to camera.   I avoid this approach if the subject is doing it for the first time.   Its not easy to pull so well done to Matthew Willman.

Have a look at the link below:

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